Get Ideas for New Paintings

Yes, that is the question for the day.  I personally need something to look at to spark my imagination for a new painting or drawing.   I will tell you where I got an idea for a Halloween design figure that I included in my catalog of gifts that I once made.  Once I was sitting on a chair and looking down at the pattern in the floor tile I saw a ‘bent over witch patting a cat’. I don’t know why or if my eyes where playing tricks on me, but every time I sat in the same spot and looked down- that’s what I saw. Of course, this design seemed to have come from nowhere. I find designs in magazine ads. I look at then differently. I don’t look at whats really printed on the page. I stare at it for awhile and then see something else. I try not to  think about it too much because I ‘see’ the new design right away. Then I run with it.  What I am also thinking about, at the same time is taking into account the colors that appear in the picture I am looking at. I always use the same color scheme in the new design I come up with when I ‘look’ and ‘study’ the printed image. Try this method of getting new ideas. See if you can look at something that is colorful that draws your eye. Then look at it – in a different way. Do the colors grab your eye? What colors are they? If they are pleasing to look use these same colors in your next painting.

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