Painting Tips

Have you ever seen the old shows on tv called the Magic of Painting?
 It was where you would paint with just one large square brush. If you followed along with the instructor, the painting process went quickly, and it would look amazing when finished! That’s why they called it the magic of painting. With this particular painting I did, I used a similar technique. I used a smaller version of a flat brush. I used a number 6 Artist Loft artist brush. I was able to paint this folk art painting fairly quickly in about an hour. I painted it on chipboard and put it in a dollar store wood frame. I like the dollar store frames because they are of good quality and I hate using plastic. The acrylic takes very well to the chipboard and I love it. When painting my picture; I save time painting by not dipping my brush in water each time I change colors.
Here’s a Tip to make your painting more enjoyable I use a lot of scrap paper beneath the painting and wipe the brush dry and change colors. When I wipe the brush dry it also brings the brush back into shape between strokes. When the brush is in shape, the advantage is I can use the very, very corner tip of the brush to do very fine details. This is where the magic comes in. There’s no time wasted by changing out brushes.~~~~~~~~

 Try something new today. Draw with charcoal. Who knows you may even amaze your self. Charcoal has a ruff and yet distinctive look like no other. It is similar to the look of pastel chalk. The type of paper need for charcoal painting or drawing really depends on what type of subject you want to draw. For practice purposes try using a 20lb copy sheet of purchase a pad of textured paper at your local craft supply store. You may even find inexpensive tablets of art paper in the Job lots stores or Dollar stores. Unlock the creative artist inside you. Yes, did you know you had a creative artist inside you? It’s in that happy place waiting to get out!

Paint on recycled wood. I found a piece of old pine that was probably used as shelve or something- it was painted on one side. I salvaged a small section of the wood -about a 7″ x 9″ area. I scalloped the top with my band saw. Then I proceeded to paint Peter Rabbit’s house and mailbox. But getting back to the band saw. I was thinking as I was cutting  my wood. I would never be without my band saw. I have used this saw for longer than 24 years. I have never had anything wrong with it. It is a Sears craftsmen. It is an absolute must have if you are going to paint on wood. A jig saw is fine, but it is also hard on your hands. You don’t have the same flexibility as you do with a band saw. I also find that using a band saw seems safer- at least for me. Whenever I use it, I take nothing to chance. I always use a push stick when ever possible to help me guide the wood through. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
How do you get ideas for painting pictures?
 Yes, that is the question for the day. I don’t know about you, but I usually need something to look at to spark my imagination for a new painting or drawing.   I will tell you where I got an idea for a Halloween design figure that I included in my catalog of gifts that I once made.  Once I was sitting on a chair and looking down at the pattern in the floor tile I saw a ‘bent over witch patting a cat’. I don’t know why or if my eyes where playing tricks on me, but every time I sat in the same spot and looked down- that’s what I saw. Of course, this desgin seemed to have come from nowhere. I find designs in magazine ads. I look at then differently. I don’t look at whats really printed on the page. I stare at it for awhile and then see something else. I don’t think about it too muchbecause i ‘see’ the new design right away. Then I run with it.  What I am also doing at the same time is taking into account the colors that appear. I always use the same color scheme in the new design I come up with when I ‘look’ and ‘study’ the printed image. Try it – see if you can look at something printed that is colorful that draws your eye. Then look at it – differently, grab the colors that dew your eye in the first place and then run with it.

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